Tanat Kennels, Cattery & Home Boarding Service 


The Health and Safety of your Pet

All clients are required to disclose any ailments that their pets have recently suffered from,  in case of illness flaring up during their stay and please provide any medication that is needed.

I have worked as a veterinary nurse assistant for 3 years and am able to give medication and injections should they be required.

For safety reasons we suggest all collars are removed whilst in our care. If you require them to be left on, it is at owners risk.

Unless otherwise specified by a client when making a booking for their pet, the management reserve the right to refer any animal showing sickness during their stay to the local veterinary surgeon and require the client to settle the vets bill prior to collecting their pet at the end of its stay.

‚ÄčAlso for safety reason if your pet has any behaviour issues could you please inform myself for our safety and the wellbeing of your pet.

Beds and Bedding for your Dog

The beds that we provide are rigid plastic beds with optional bedding. If you prefer to bring your pets own bed and their cherished toys to remind them of home, feel free, provided they are safe. We would however ask you to inform us if your dog is in the habit of chewing its bedding or toys, as this can be a choking hazard and as you can appreciate, we cannot accept any liability over this situation.

Feeding and Special Diets

We supply a good selection of dry and tinned foods. However we recognise that some owners would prefer to keep their pets on their own regular diet and therefore you are welcome to supply your pets own food and treats. The dogs are fed twice daily unless you request otherwise. For safety and hygiene reasons we supply  stainless steel bowls.

We would ask you to advise us, if you do not want your pet to be fed, before collection.


All pets are required to be vaccinated annually and their current certificates made available on each visit to the Kennels and Cattery. All dogs must be DHPPil and Kennel cough vaccinated.